Filipino Casino – Bacolod

Bacolod is one of the finest tourist destinations in the Philippines. He filled with beaches, great food and nice and hot people. Aside from that, he has also adjusted to what most tourists are now looking for in their vacation getaway, and it’s a gaming experience.

Two of the most prestigious gambling houses in Bacolod are the Casino Filipino – Bacolod and the Slot Machine Arcade.

if you like slots, then this casino is definitely for you. This gambling house contains two hundred and eighty-plus slot machines, and they are not your ordinary slot machines. While other casinos would only offer one kind of slots, here, gambling players will find eight types of slot machines. Some of them are sigma slots, aristocrat slots and universal slots. Bets are very light on the budget, some are as low as two Filipino pesos, or about 4 cents in US money.

Aside from slot machines, the casino also offers its gaming customers Poker, Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat. Thus, there is something for every gambler who would visit the casino.

The Filipino Casino contains four restaurants and a hotel that offers more than seventy rooms. Gambling players will find their restaurants to be very friendly to their taste since they serve a wide variety of food. They serve Filipino, American and Spanish cuisines there since many tourists come from different parts of the world.

If players ever want to take a break from the game, there are many other things to do in this casino-hotel apart from the game. They have facilities for ballroom dancing and swimming. The casino is located inside the hotel, which is called Hotel Bacolod.

The biggest thing about this gambling house is that it’s only five minutes away from the airport, which makes it very accessible to tourists.

Fanaticism talking about slot machines

Slot machine arcade, here is a casino that offers nothing but slot machines. Like the Philippine Bacolod casino, it also offers a wide variety of slot machines to its gambling players. However, there are few slot machines here compare to the casino Filipino-Bacolod. In total, it contains only eighty nine slots.

This casino is located at Lacson street in the center of Lourdes at the city of Bacolod. If you are a player who is only interested in slots, disappear the slot machine arcade visit. You will not be disappointed. If you get tired of playing slots, then transfer to the neighboring casino Filipino.

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